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6 Pack of Botanical Wax melts


Each pack contains 6 x large 12g Botanical wax melts.

Select your fragrance from the drop down list.

6 Melts Packaged in an Eco freindly Glassine bag. Product label to the front and CLP / Care label to the rear.

Approx 78g total weight.

What is in my pack?

Each Pack contains 6 Of your chosen fragrance hand poured Botanical wax melts.

Each melt will be individual in appearance due to our hand crafted process, Each will have the same high quality scent throw and weigh a minimum of 12g each

Packs contain CLP label info to the back

Approx pack weight total 78 g

What is in my Melts?

Each melt is loving hand crafted from Natural Soy / Coconut Wax , the finest quality fragrance oils, and Botanicals

Are my Melts vegan friendly?

Yes!.. our melts are Vegan friendly.

They are Mineral, paraffin and Paraben free and Cruelty free,  Not tested on any animals.