Hello.. We are Nunthorpe Wax Company.


We are a Husband and wife team from Nunthorpe,  A town in the North East of England, overlooked by the beautiful Cleveland hills.

The company was born from Our (or should I Say, My Wife's!) Love of purchasing Home fragrance.

We found We were often disappointed with some of the 'Big Names' of the industry.. mainly the lack of scent throw once actually burning, and in particular Wax products losing their fragrance very quickly.

We set out to create ranges that not only look beautiful, but actually deliver on what they promise, to make your Home / Space smell beautiful with an incredible long lasting Scent throw.

We hope you are pleased with Your purchases,  and enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed creating them..


We are very proud of our Products and believe we have created Wax with a superior and far longer lasting scent throw than many competitors in the market.. But hey..Don't just take our word for it..See for Yourselves!!

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Botanical Wax Melts

Our Melts are made from All Natural Soy / Coconut wax

Contain  high quality Fine fragrance oil 

Dressed with Natural Botanicals (the majority of which are dried and dehydrated by us)

Have a high fragrance oil to wax ratio.. ensuring a superior lasting scent throw that will last burn after burn..



Our candles are made from All Natural Soy / Coconut wax

Contain high quality Fine fragrance oil 

Use only the best wicks in the correct size for the tin to ensure an even burn 

Our wicks are paraffin free (a lot of wicks used by other brands are not!)

We do not add glitter or  gimmicky jewels etc. - just pure natural wax and oil.  

We Genuinely spent a whole 7 months perfecting our candles from the very first pour to the finished product we now sell.. Lots of different oils, wicks, waxes, containers were sampled..  Countless oil to wax combinations tried and many, many, Many hours and late nights have resulted in what we strived for.. 

Clean, even burning, affordable candles, with most importantly.. a stunning scent throw.

Enjoy! NwCo. X



Proudly our products are

Mineral, Paraffin and Paraben Free.

Cruelty free (No animal testing)

Vegan friendly.

Biodegradable / recyclable  packaging.






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